Planet Power


The health of our planet is in critical condition. Our current rate of consumption and modus operandi is failing us. We need a fix, like 5 years ago.

Did you know growing crops like corn and potatoes requires the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides?

Big agricultural conglomerates spray harsh chemicals on crop to achieve the yields they need to be profitable. But at what cost? Each season this depletes the quality of arable soil - and it turns out they're not making anymore land. 

Popped Water Lily Seeds are grown without the use of one single chemical - and no genetically modified seeds either. 

The entire agricultural process from planting to harvest is performed with care by hand. No machines are involved.

What we choose to eat has an impact on the environment, and that gives you plenty of chances to make a difference each day. Be conscious of the food you choose to buy. As a good rule of thumb minimally processed foods have a low carbon footprint.

The Snack Revolution is here and we invite you to be part of it.