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Resembling souffléd mushroom popcorn, makhana possess a light texture similar to puffed barley. Boasting plenty of fibre, manganese, iron, and protein this addictive bite is sustainably grown and a great vehicle for seasoning, thanks to all that surface area to cling to. Bonus: there’s no need to worry about getting hulls stuck in your teeth.

The Kit Lifestyle & Beauty Magazine

Despite being relatively unknown in Canada, makhana are low in calories while being high in fibre, iron and protein, and they’re similar to popcorn in their ready-to-eat form. To show the versatility of makhana, Shifa is sharing an updated twist on one of her favourite childhood recipes: Nutty Cardamom Makhana.

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When Dear Snackers founder, Shifa Begmohamed, came across the popular East Asian snack during a trip to India, she was hooked. Now, she’s bringing the snack to Canada to help consumers fuel their mid-day slump without the guilt.