Pond to Table

1. Naturally grown

Each plant spends 8 months growing. Our farmers use regenerative and traditional farming practices where no pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals of any sort are used in this process. The flowers are perennial, meaning they grow back every year without having to be planted again.

2. Picked by hand

During harvest season our farmers dive into the ponds and carefully handpick each blossoming water lily pad to ensure it has reached peak ripeness. They then separate the dark seeds from the pod.

3. Sun bathing

Next the seeds spend 3 whole days air-drying in the bright natural sunshine. The warm dry air at the foothills of the Himalayas is the perfect climate to rest in. After this process the seeds harden and resemble a large dark popcorn kernel.

4. Popping time!

Our female farmers roast the seeds over an open flame using a wok type tool. The farming process is sustainable from start to finish, the fires are stoked using dried corn cobs that would otherwise go to waste. The high heat and pressure causes the seeds to puff up, shedding their hard and dark shell, revealing light, crunchy, snow-coloured puffs the size of large blueberries.

5. Sorting

Next, the freshly popped makhana are sorted by hand, removing any shells or husks and ensuring only the highest quality seeds are sent to Toronto for flavouring.

6. Travel

The popped makhana are then loaded up sky high on tuk-tuks like this one and driven to the local port. From there they travel the ocean by ship to arrive in Canada!

8. Seasoning

Finally, we season the popped makhana right here in Toronto, Canada. We flavour them with the highest quality ingredients we can find ensuring the best taste for you.

Happy Snackin!