Makhana, Fox Nuts, Sustainably Farmed


Dear Snackers, 

Our great makhana story begins in a farming village in the old world.  When selecting partners who would harvest these makhana, we chose to partner with people that use traditional harvesting methods that ultimately delivered each crunch with compassion.

Dear Snacker, this is a story about will take you from the far east to back home.  And we are proud to partner with people that grow the makhana we use, by hand.  This allows us to show compassion for the Earth we live in and compassion for our health.

Makhana, Fox Nuts, Sustainably Farmed

How sourcing sustainably grown Makhana helps the you and the planet

This crunchy vegan snack of ours challenges the status quo because we want to make snacking sustainable and satisfying.  By partnering with makhana cultivators, we get a chance to bring a sustainable snack into the western mainstream.

We get to snack in peace with our makhana because we know that what we're eating is sustainable, organic, and fair trade.  At Dear Snackers we make every makhana crunch count towards preserving our planet, reducing our carbon footprint, and empowering women!  

Makhana, Fox Nut, Water Lily Seeds, Crunchy Organic Vegan Snack

Makhana from Canada that supports the planet and is organically harvested

This incredible journey, from pond to table, to bring India's delicious fox nut snack to the West, brings the care, hard work, and hope that we share with our partners to make the world a better place one crunch at a time.  Whether you decide to snack on Makhana at your computer or out with friends, just know that the extra compassion that these fox nut snacks are given extends to the planet.

We love our fox nuts, the story behind the crunch, and we are not alone! Feel free to check out what other people have had to say about our Makhana snacks and how they have tasted the story behind the crunch.

Happy Snackin!