• What are Makhana?

Makhana, or popped water lily seed, is the seed harvested from a flowering prickly water lily plant. It is an heirloom plant that flowers once, annually. Its ‘kernels’ are small, dark, and pea-sized.They are puffed using high heat, where they shed their dark outer shell and expand to the size of large snowy-coloured blueberries. These crunchy balls are then seasoned and ready to eat!

  • What's the difference between fox nuts, makhana, and water lily seeds?

Fox nuts, makhana, and water lily seeds are interchangeable and all used to describe puffed makhana, also often called 'popped water lily seeds'.

  • What do makhana taste like?

The flavour and texture of makhana are very similar to puffed barley, or extra fluffly popcorn, without the hull that gets stuck in your teeth. They are a blank canvas and take on seasonings very well. They have a satisfyingly crunchy texture, and are also very versatile; they can be added to other recipes such as curries and stews for an added crunch.

  • Are makhana like popcorn?

Makhana can be compared to popcorn, for sure! Think of makhana as extra fluffy and crunchy popcorn, without the hull that gets stick in your teeth.

  • Are makhana good for you?

Makhana have been consumed in India for centuries and are well-known for their anti-diabetic property because of their low-glycemic index. They are also high in fibre and high in protein making them an excellent source for both. Each serving of Dear Snackers BBQ Makhana have 4g of fibre and 6g of protein.

  • Do makhana help with constipation?

Because makhana have such a high fibre content, they are a wonderful addition to any diet and may help in the relief of irregularity.

  • Are makhana are good source of protein?

Makhana are an excellent source of natural, plant-based protein, boasting 6g per serving.

  • Are Dear Snackers Makhana safe for babies and children?

Dear Snackers Makhana are suitable for the whole family, including teething infants and young children. Similar in flavour and texture to popcorn, they are a better option because they are free from hulls that young children may find disagreable.

  • How are they grown sustainably?

Makhana are the ultimate environmentally-friendly crop! It grows in the still waters of ponds and wetlands and does not require the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. It's a crop that does not need to be watered and farmers do not need to plow fields or sow seeds every season, as the roots of the prickly water lily plant remain intact after every harvest. 

  • Where are Dear Snackers Makhana made?

Dear Snackers Makhana are flavoured and packaged in Toronto, Canada.

  • Why are you called Dear Snackers?

Every bag is like a letter to our snackers, wishing them well with delicious and sustainable snacks. 

  • What are your flavours?

Our makhana come in three delicious flavours:

BBQ Makhana, our most popular flavour: smoky BBQ flavour coats crispy, light Makhana balls for an addicting snack you will NOT be able to stop eating.

Golden Turmeric Makhana, our most revolutionary flavour: light and crispy balls of cheesy goodness toasted in fragrant turmeric oil.

Sweet & Salty Makhana, our natural crowd-pleaser: seasoned with pink Himalayan salt and coconut flour for a delectably subtle sweetness and saltiness, without any of the guilt. 

  • Do Makhana contain nuts?

Makhana are entirely peanut and nut free.

  • Are Makhana gluten-free?

Makhana are gluten-free. They are safe to consume by those with a gluten sensitivity, allergy, or celiac disease. 

  • Are Dear Snackers Makhana dairy-free?

Dear Snackers BBQ Makhana and Dear Snackers Sweet & Salty Makhana are dairy-free.

  • Are Dear Snackers Makhana keto friendly?

Makhana are comprised of carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. They are not suitable for the keto diet.

  • Are Dear Snackers Makhana healthy?

Dear Snackers Makhana are a healthy addition to any pantry. High in fibre and protein, and low in sugar, they are the perfect guilt-free snack for movie night, or anytime!

  • Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to Canada and the United States of America. If you would like to place an order but reside outside of our delivery zone, please email us directly at hello@dearsnackers.com so we can find some way to accommodate you.

  • Where can I buy Dear Snackers Makhana?

You may purchase Dear Snackers Makhana directly here. We are also available in multiple stores here. We are available online on well.ca as well as amazon.ca.

  • There is a problem with my order, who do I get in touch with?

Please contact us at hello@dearsnackers.com so we can help you with that!

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