Dear Snackers,

Are you sick of scouring grocery store aisles for delicious snacks made with simple ingredients?

We are! Most of them are filled with ingredients we can't even spell or pronounce. What's that about?

We created every flavour of Dear Snackers Makhana products in-house, ourselves. Countless hours of trials and testing with ONLY clean ingredients . It took a while but we nailed some amazing flavours using only REAL and NATURAL ingredients.

We don't want to brag but we use superfoods like turmeric and coconut flour in our seasonings! All of our products have less than 7 ingredients, and we want you to know exactly what they are. We proudly feature our ingredient list on every product page.

We've kept everything low. Low in sodium, salt, and sugar. No junk. No gunk. No artificial colors and flavours - EVER. That's our promise to you. 

Dear Snackers Makhana are our favorite go-to snack. We eat them ourselves and feed them to our families! Every snack we make is a love letter to our health, to our bodies, and to you - our dear customers.

With Love,