a hand reaching for dear snackers golden turmeric makhana in a small white bowl. the empty bag is next to the bowl


Dear Snackers,

Sustainable, delicious, nutritious snacks are what we are all about.
We were tired of being lied to by big companies, claiming snacks were healthy when in reality they were not. Genetically modified, processed, filled with ingredients we couldn't pronounce, we were tired, and we figured you were probably over it too.

We're setting the bar higher, by keeping it simple. Never processed, not extruded, our snacks are no-bullshit.
You know exactly what you're eating.

gmo free

100% natural

gluten free




"Ahimsa(Sanskrit: अहिंसा) [ahiṃsā]  
An ancient Indian principle of nonviolence which applies to all living beings."

our founder, shifa begmohamed


Founder, CEO

As an environmentalist, foodie, and health nut, my passions we’re all lit up at once when I first discovered Makhana. It brings me great joy to support sustainable food systems, traditional agriculture, and stimulate the economies of both my native and adopted lands. I’m on a mission to change the future of our planet, one snack at a time!

brand & web lead, anastasia keita


Brand & Web

Shifa and I met flying, and from the beginning she had an energy and an enthusiasm that was infectious. I never imagined, when first taste-testing makhana, listening to her talk about her dreams for Dear Snackers, that we would grow to be where we are so quickly, but if anyone could do it, it's definitely her! At Dear Snackers, I head brand and web development, working closely with Shifa and Michael to take us to the next level, while making sure we stay true to our core values: empowering women, building a better, cleaner earth, and making delicious and healthy snacks.

marketing and pr lead, michael stevens


Marketing & PR

I had never actually discovered makhana (AKA water lily seeds) until just this year, which is surprising to me, because I have been to India before but I never got a chance to try popped water lily seeds! What makes me excited to lead the marketing efforts with Dear Snackers is that I fell in love with the perfect snack itself as well as the positive messaging Dear Snackers is looking to put out in the world. I knew that I wanted to help broadcast and emphasize this fun, amazing business to the world because it aligns with my beliefs and I know that the world wants Dear Snackers in its life. By bringing a kaleidoscope of experience from various roles emphasizing brands ranging from cruise ships to quality assurance, I am super passionate that I can help show the world how inspiring the story behind the crunch really is. ...and now I am walking away with an addiction to the crunch itself: makhana!
Thanks, Shifa for the addiction!










one of our women farmers in bihar, india smiling for the camera

Cultivated With Compassion

Food is a big part of our lives.
It's at the centre of celebrations, can sometimes bring us comfort, but most importantly, it fuels us with what we need to live. We don't often think about where our food comes from. How it was grown? Who grew it? Where? Not all agricultural practices were created equal. Some practices provide us with an abundance of food, yes, but at the cost of not being very sustainable. Cultivating with compassion is at the heart of what we do. 

In Bihar, India

We work with a small village in Bihar that has been practicing sustainable farming for generations. Techniques passed down from mother and father, to their sons and daughters. They don't use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides to harvest makhana seeds.

wide shot of multiple women farmers in bihar, india working in the field
our founder, shifa and a friend holding a bag of golden turmeric makhana

We're Here to Support Women

For a long time, women have been second class citizens, taking a backseat to the men in their lives. We were tired of this narrative.
We hire as many women as we can in the farming community we partner with so that they can have stable incomes and support their families. Financial independence allows women to make the best decisions for themselves on their own terms.

And The Earth

Regenerative, sustainable, and organic cultivation practices ensure the preservation of one of the resources we use the most but often take for granted. Soil.
You should be able to snack truly guilt-free, knowing what you're munching on did not harm the earth to make it into your bowl.

still pond in bihar, india full of blooming water lily plants