Why every'body' can benefit from daily yoga stretches

Why every'body' can benefit from daily yoga stretches

Do you feel stiff? Sore? Like you need a good stretch?

You've of course heard at least one yoga loving friend tell you how good they felt after their last hot-flow class at the studio..... a year and 3 months ago. Or maybe it was you? 

With the world being closed down it's no surprise most of us are spending more time sitting or sedentary, especially if you work from home. Eliminating those new aches and pains could really be as easy as a few minutes of stretching each day.

Below is a quick guided sequence that you could practice within 10 mins each day. You don't need a yoga studio, you can create your own sacred space anywhere, even your bedroom. A decent mat is great to have, but that's all you really need to get started.  (Pssst. a patch of grass is also a great alternative!)

Before we jump into it - I just want to say that every body is a yoga body. Shape, colour, size, hair, it doesn't matter. Too often we see the "ideal" bodies posting their yoga flows or ad's for overpriced gear on social media. But that isn't what yoga is about. It's about settling your mind, feeling every inch of the body you're in, and enjoying every juicy second of it!

The illustrations below are done by my lovely cousin Trishla who is a Mumbai-based illustrator. I find the body inclusivity and look of calmness on their faces very inspiring. I hope the flow beings some peace to your day too.

Make this your ritual, adapt where necessary.

1. Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

Start here. Settle down into a comfortable seated pose, legs crossed, arms gently resting on your knees. Close your eyes if comfortable. Take 5 deep inhalations and exhalations. Other variation: seated lotus. 

easy pose sukhasana

2. Naukasana/Navasana (Boat Pose)

This pose will fire up your core! Hold for 3 sets x 30 seconds each. Hug your legs inward between each set. Don't forget to keep breathing.


navasana boat pose

3. Ardha Matsyendrāsana (Half seated spinal twist)

This gental spinal twist easily releases lower back tension. Start on one side, hold for 3 breaths. Repeat on the other side.


seated spinal twist

4. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This pose is both grounding and balancing. It opens your helps and your heart center while also stretching the spine. 



5. Natarajasana (Dancer Pose)

The most challenging of the 5, this pose requires patience and balance, but remains an absolute favourite of mine.


Dance pose natarajasana 

 Have a beautiful day Snackers!


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