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What is healthy snacking? And 5 tips to help you start healthy snacking today!

Healthy snacking is a combination of pre-planning and making choices to snack more consciously so that you are able to stave off hunger in-between your meals.

Sounds technical and formidable doesn't it?  Well it doesn't have to be!

We all have those days where we just need a little extra something to crunch on and automatically we reach for those snacks that should really be reserved for special occasions or for those "cheat" days if you will; I am here to tell you that that is completely normal!  Snacking should be guilt-free in all sense of the word and so today I'm happy to feed you 5 quick tips on how to more mindfully snack.


Cupboard full of unhealthy snacks on one side, and healthy snacks on the other; suggestion is to limit your snack choices on hand.

1. Limit your choices!  Stock your food pantry with low calorie snacks.

Creating barriers between you and your high calorie snacks is honestly the easiest and one of the most effective ways to control your evening snack cravings.  There are plenty of low calorie snacks out there to choose from so when you think about your snacking habits so eliminating access to the unhealthy snacks is a strategy to make sure that you are choosing the snacks you intend to crunch on... by taking away the choice to munch on an unhealthy snack.

Every diet is different so if you are intending to choose snacks based on a diet then you'll have to do your research to discover what kind of snacks are suitable. 


Person deciding between broccoli or makhana, fox nuts, water lily seeds

2. Choose snacks that you know that you'll enjoy.

Why munch on broccoli as a snack when you know you hate it? 

Healthy snacks do not have to be foodstuffs that you know you don't like.  And actually, we totally recommend not choosing snacks that you know you won't enjoy!  Your new healthy snacking habits should be habits that help to brighten your day up a little bit.  

Our hot tip (within a hot tip) is to actually make a list of all of the snacks you currently eat throughout the day.  Then identify which ones are healthy and which ones are not healthy.  And then revise your list to include healthy snacks that you aren't munching on in your current diet.  


Image of a flavor wheel to help people organize their favourite snacks, so that they can pick healthy snacks with similar flavour profiles.

3.  Create a flavour wheel and list which snacks belong in each flavour profile

The idea here is to identify which snacks you are mostly munching on as it relates to a flavour profile.  From here you can see whether or not most of your snacks match a certain flavour profile.  By building this kind of awareness, you can create a list of low calorie snacks that matches the flavour profile of what you are currently snacking on.  


Person writing on desk organizing their snacking schedule so that they can eat healthier.

4. Create a healthy snack schedule

After determining which periods in the day you find yourself getting hungry again, create yourself a snacking schedule.  If you find that you get hungry before bed then pencil in that you are snacking late in the evening. 

By creating a healthy snacking schedule you set yourself up for better control over your eating.  Instead of allowing your snacking to dictate when you snack, you are taking control by dictating when you plan on snacking.  Even the best of us are just one bad day away from clearing out our stash of chocolate in one sitting.  


Person chopping up a carrot, making a salad to have a snack later in the day.

5. Prepare your snacks in advance

Another way to control your portions and to encourage commitment to developing healthy snacking habits is to prepare your snacks in advance.  Yes it is very easy to quickly grab a bag of popped water lily seeds and call it a day but sometimes by "meal-prepping" some of your snacks, you become more committed to eating your creation.  

I hope that now you understand what healthy snacking is and how you can get started on snacking more consciously.  Comment below with your favourite healthy snack that you like to munch on in between meals.

Happy snackin'!

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Eve Mitchell on

Thanks for mentioning that you should create a schedule for healthy snacking. I’m thinking about getting some new snacks to keep in the fridge at my house. I want my kids to be able to snack on something a little healthier when they get home from school.

Aleena on

Great tips. Thank you for sharing!

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