Quality Control

Quality Control

Our goal at Dear Snackers is to make snacking delicious and sustainable.

We source the highest grade makhana, use the cleanest and most natural ingredients, and always quality control our product so that it meets our rigorously high standards. 

During production, things don't always go to plan. We were notified by our supplier that the last batch of Golden Turmeric Makhana that were made are not up to standard. When trying them we noticed that they lacked the delicious cheesiness that makes Golden Turmeric one of our most popular flavours.

In an effort to always be transparent with you who have supported us from the very beginning, we are offering a replacement on all Golden Turmeric Makhana bags from LOT #21068.

We have already reached out to everyone affected by this mistake to offer a replacement order and sincerely thank you all for your patience with us while we correct this error. 

If you have not been contacted but think you are affected, please reach out to us at hello@dearsnackers.com.

Thank you again for your continued support, we truly appreciate it.

Happy Snackin!

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