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Our 5 picks for Canadian hiking snacks and hiking food ideas that will keep you energized!

Dear Snackers.

Hiking snacks can make a huge difference to your hike (especially a long hike) as they can serve as a reminder to take a break.  Usually hikers have no problem remembering to drink water, especially if they are doing Grouse Grind or the Mt. Garibaldi hike, but what about something to munch on as well?

Snacks can serve as a way to re-energize and to motivate you on an outdoor hike but they frequently get passed up on; and a big reason for this is because snacks are viewed as something extra to bring on a hike.  Not only are these 5 hiking snacks and hiking food ideas great for energizing yourself during a hike but they also taste delicious!


Peanut butter dark chocolate energy bites from makerbars

1. GO Energy Bites by Makerbars

Protein, fibre, peanut butter and fair-trade dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt.  Have we sold you on it yet?  They are packaged perfectly for travel as well.


makhana, water lily seeds being held over a camp fire


2. A bag of Popped Water Lily Seeds

I bet you didn't see this coming!  All jokes aside, our makhana are packed with fibre, protein, and seasoned in 3 amazing flavours including some vegan options.  Throw a bag of these in your backpack for your hike, and you'll be all set! 

Hint: they taste even better during/after an exhilarating hike and an awesome outdoor view!


Alberta Beef Jerky from Alberta Jerky

3. Alberta Beef Jerky

Would we be Canadian without mentioning beef jerky?  They even go the extra kilometer to pack all orders in a vacuum sealed package to guarantee freshness.  Although definitely not vegan, they are gluten-free and can travel easily for any hike.  


Almond Cashew Granola, Canadian Company, New World Foods


4. New World Organics Granola

You knew that a granola suggestion was coming when it came to snacking on a hike; well here it is!  New World Organics has a great selection of granolas that are organic and made in Canada.  Our suggestion here is to pour the granola into separate bags for you and your hiking buddies.  Since granola is naturally dry, you don't have to worry about washing your hands when you do end up breaking during your hike. 


Super Hero Trail Mix from Healthy Crunch, a Canadian company


5. Healthy Crunch Trail Mix

Lastly what kind of a hiking snack list would this be without a trail mix recommendation?  Well let me tell you about Canada's first allergen free trail mix:  they contain non-GMO verified ingredients and they are all peanut and tree nut free.  Taste the trail you hike - okay, maybe you shouldn't exactly taste the trail, but there is something serendipitous about munching on a trail mix while also hiking a trail.

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