Popcorn vs. Makhana, low calorie snacks, sustainable snack

Popcorn vs. Makhana


While we don't actually condone violence of any kind, we're certainly having fun with this blog!   One of the most common questions that we get coming our way is "what do makhana taste like?"  We are always happy to answer that question because makhana share a very similar flavour profile to popcorn that you know and love.  

But round 1 isn't over just yet!  We have come up with a lovely comparison infographic that goes over some of the key differences between our low fat snack Makhana, and popcorn.

Popcorn vs. Makhana, low calorie snacks, sustainable snack
Although the flavour profiles of un-seasoned popcorn and makhana are actually very similar, the biggest difference comes from the benefits that you don't necessarily taste.  Specifically, both popcorn and makhana are low fat snacks but our makhana are sustainably sourced, placing less stress on the planet we love. 

Full disclosure: we are a little biased when it comes to popcorn vs. makhana, if you haven't already guessed but can you really blame us?  Even though there are times where we truly can't resist popcorn, when given the chance, we certainly prefer the iconic makhana crunch as our low fat snack go-to!  There are just so many benefits ranging from the sustainability aspect to the health aspects.  

Dear Snackers, we would like to officially invite you to the popcorn vs. makhana match!  Sound off below, and on social media, whether you are team popcorn or team makhana.

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David on

Makhana KO first round !

MAteo on

It’s the flavours for me! So goood!

Parth on


Karishma Patel on

Makhana scores for me!!

Brinda on

Makwana for sure, it’s way healthier and I simply love the golden turmeric.

Katee on

Insightful information! Makhana will always come out on top!!

Yinet on

This is probably the best snack I’ve had in years flavors are amazing and super healthy I do not feel bloated after eating it and as a person that has to constantly be snacking this is perfect. No more chips and popcorn for me

Alanna on

Wait so you’re telling me I can snack on makhanas AND get my protein?? I’m in!

Simi on

Mekhana for those trying to snack and still get fit!

Keyra on

Makhana all the way, healthier and definitely just all around better.

Zak on

Great alternative to popcorn! It’s healthier, more sustainable and tastes better.

Anoushka Patel on

Switched from popcorn to makhanas and I haven’t looked back since! #TeamMakhana

Fatima on

The bbq makhana is one of my favourites! It has a delicious zesty taste that leaves you wanting more with each bite!

Vik Westermann on

Team makhana !

Liyan on


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