District Ventures Accelerator - Cohort 10

District Ventures Accelerator - Cohort 10

Hi Snackers!

I thought I would take a few minutes to write about what we've been upto for the last 5 months. 

Dear Snackers has been participating in Cohort 10 of the District Ventures Accelerator. The program is lead by CEO Arlene Dickenson and the programming is hosted by a lineup of industry experts who provide 1 on 1 mentorship. Each week was an incredible workshop with topics like scaling, channel strategy, pricing for success, distribution, venture capital, and more! All the ins and outs that a healthy CPG startup needs in their playbook. 

We were introduced to industry experts like AC Nielsen, Shopify S4S, RBC Capital, Mintel, National Research Council of Canada and more. The panel of experts were great resources - and the more questions you brought to the table, the more answers you got!

There are so many ups and downs in the life of an entrepreneur! But with hard work, grit, and determination (and ofcourse a product market fit!) the results will come. 

From the very start I built this company with care values at heart. To put good into the world. That's why sustainability and fair trade practices are woven into the fabric of why we exist. Our customers matter to us most, and we want to provide them with the best possible snack experience. That's why we make all our seasoning blends in house. 

The past 5 months in the accelerator has taught be how to build a sustainable business and make my long term vision seem ever more attainable!

I'm really proud of where I am now, but super excited to go forth because it feels like the journey is just beginning and we have room for exponential growth ahead. So join me as I lace up my boots and pitch at Demo Day on Feb 25th 2021, to a panel of investors, industry insiders, and celebrities!

You can RSVP to be part of the virtual audience on the District Ventures page by clicking here.

Until next time!



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