The benefits of drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning.

The benefits of drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning.

I've heard several times over the years about the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon. I am constantly seeking simple and natural changes that I can make to my routine which will help me feel and look better, so after some research I decided to give this one a shot.

Here's what I had read about it that compelled me to try:

1) It balances natural pH levels. This was a big one for me because internal balance is so important for a happy body.

2) Boosts immune system. Given that at the time of writing the world is in the midst of a pandemic with no foreseeable end, things that will keep me from getting sick are a definite pro. I've upped my intake of things like turmeric and zinc, so if a little lemon water is going to help out, I'm willing to give it a go.

3) Clears skin. I generally have OK skin and want to keep it that way! The antifungal properties in citric fruits like lemons can help. Plus the added boost of vitamin C helps against free radical damage, and being in my 20's there's no better time to help my body against the natural aging process!

4) Cleanses your system. Overnight while our brains are at rest in sleep, our bodies are still in an active state hard at work filtering toxins. Since lemons and water combined are a diuretic, I liked knowing that this little combo could help my body flush out all the toxins it had gathered during sleep.

5) Energizing and mood boosting. Since I typically don't consume caffeine, I liked that the scent of lemon in the AM could provide an aromatherapy boost. Also that it energizes because some scientific thing about being negatively charged ions, whereas most other foods are positively charged, and this provides some good balance that naturally energizes.

There were also a few other claims that I read about but didn't quite appeal to me personally. At the grocery store I bought a bag of lemons and gave myself the green light. Here's how it went:

For the past 14 days I squeezed half of a fresh lemon into a cup of freshly boiled water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The recco was to not eat for 30 mins post the lemon water so I followed through. On the first few days the taste was sour, something I was not used to. By day 4 I was already looking forward to the tart taste in the morning after brushing my teeth. I certainly can attest to the energizing scent. It's kind of like a natural aroma therapy boost! My skin does look quite clear as well, besides the spontaneous hormonal pimple that crops up right around the time Mother Nature likes to bestow her monthly gift. Kind of like a gentle hello. I can't really tell if my pH levels are balanced, anyone have any suggestions for checking that? 

Overall, my skin is clear, my mood is positive, I am feeling energized, and my metabolism seems to be working in order.

If this lemon water thing is an old wives tale, I'm willing to stick with it!

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