8 Reasons to snack on makhana and water lily seeds (instead of popcorn)

8 Reasons to Snack on Makhana's (instead of popcorn)

Dear Snackers,

Imagine a snack that’s tasty, satiates your cravings AND actually does good for you body. It sounds almost too good to be true - but, it exists. What I’ve just described isn’t popcorn or chips or anything else that can be found in the junk food aisle for that matter. Makhanas (aka water lily seeds and fox nuts) are the superfood snack of the future!

Gone are the days of feeling guilty after munching on an entire bag of empty calories!

There are many health benefits make Makhana and water lily seeds (not to be confused with water lotus seeds) the superior snacking option, and a nutritious alternative to popcorn or chips. These seeds will satisfy your crunchy cravings while leaving you feeling guilt-free.

Here are 8 reasons to replace your popcorn bag with Makhanas instead:


1. Makhana help aid with weight loss

Popped water lily seeds are low in calories and packed with protein; making them ideal to enjoy as a snack to curb your cravings for a crunch while also helping you feel fuller for longer.

It's too bad that popcorn or chips can't provide 6 grams of plant-based protein with each serving.

2. Popped water lily seeds are good for heart-health

The high levels of potassium found in Makhana are shown to help lower blood pressure levels among patients with hypertension. Swapping your bag of chips or popcorn with Makhanas can help you keep your blood pressure levels in check.

Something tells me that a bag of chips can’t do that!

3. Makhana have anti-aging properties

Makhana contain kaempferol, a natural flavonoid that aids in slowing down the ageing process. Snacking on Makhanas can also help your body fight free radicals, thus, acting as an anti-ageing agent.


4. Popped water lily seeds help to regulate blood sugar levels

Because makhana are a low glycemic food, adding them into your diet can help manage and control blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, popcorn and chips sit on the higher end of the Glycemic Index scale.

Crunchable tip:  always double check each package to see what the makhana are seasoned with!  Sometimes seasonings have extra sugar added into them.

5. Fox nuts are a great source of calcium

Because Makhanas are a great source of calcium, snacking on them can maintain optimal bone strength and health.

6. Popped water lily seeds can help with detoxifying

Unlike those bags of popcorn and chips in your pantry, Makhanas are a naturally detoxifying food. Consuming these lotus seeds plays a role in detoxifying the spleen, in turn, aiding with detoxification of the blood.

7. Makhana help with digestive health

Snacking on Makhana can actually improve digestion. Because they’re rich on fiber, regularly consuming them aids with bowel movement by preventing indigestion and constipation.

8. Water lily seeds help to improve brain health

Popped water lily seeds have high contents of thiamine, a nutrient essential to the tissues and proper functioning of your body. Snacking on these seeds aids with proper cognitive function of the nerves.

Comment below on a snack that you would like to replace in your day-to-day life.

Happy guilt-free snackin'!

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