7 Low Glycemic Foods and Low Glycemic Snacks we are loving right now!

Dear Snackers,

Did you know that not all carbs are broken down the same way in our diet, and that each type of carb has a unique effect on blood sugar?  

Well I sure didn't know that myself but what I did learn about the glycemic index and about glycemic loads is that the glycemic index is composed of a system that ranks foods according to how they affect your blood sugar levels.  This is especially important for people that live with diabetes because they have to constantly control and adjust their blood sugar levels in order to live a healthy life.

The glycemic index compares the rate that different foods raise blood sugar levels in comparison to 50 grams of pure glucose.  Within the glycemic index, there are 3 ratings including:

Low Glycemic Rate:  55 or fewer grams of pure glucose in your blood sugar levels
Medium Glycemic Rate:  56-69 grams of pure glucose in your blood sugar levels.
High Glycemic Rate: 70+ grams of pure glucose in your blood sugar levels

Now that we understand some of the basics of the glycemic index, let's jump into the fun part: discovering snacks that taste great and have lower glycemic index rates!

1. Makhana - who can deny the iconic crunch with the additional health benefits?

2. Popcorn - a classic snack.

3. Nutreat - straight from the jar.

4. Smart Sweets - for that candy fix without the sugar!

5. Berries and Plain Yogurt - This can also be a great snack to control cravings for sweets!

6. Hard boiled eggs - Which is also a great snack for that extra bit of protein.

7. Fruit and cheese - A happy hour charcuterie anyone?

As with all nutritional information, you need to do the work to research and understand how many nutrients, calories, etc you are consuming on a daily basis.  This is no exception for those of you that are looking to control your blood sugar levels with your diet; luckily for you, I have found this great GI calculator that will assist in helping you understand how the foods you consume contribute to your glycemic levels.  

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'Till then, happy snackin'!

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