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5 Healthy chip options and healthy chip alternatives to satisfy your chip cravings

Dear Snackers,

In Canada 65% of Canadian grown potatoes are processed into products like French fries and potato chips.  In the United States, 60% of American grown potatoes are processed into frozen products as well.  

So what does this tell us about North American snacking habits?  Well it tells us North Americans collectively love crunching on their potato chips.  And that perhaps, we have a bit of a chip craving?  After all we wouldn't be processing most of our chips into products like potato chips if there wasn't a market demand for them.  

We also know that processed potato chips aren't the healthiest snack around which is a problem that can lead to health problems if we don't learn how to control our cravings and snack smarter.

Bag of makhana nutritional information compared to a bag of lays original chips' nutritional information


As you can see a healthy chip alternative snack like makhana only has a 4.2 Cal/1 GM ratio whereas Lay Original Chips has a 5.7 Cal/1 GM ratio.  Therefore every gm of chips you consume, you are actually consuming approximately 1.3x the amount of calories in comparison to crunching on the same amount of popped water lily seeds.  

Don't worry, today's blog isn't about a guilt trip!  Rather we are here to help you open your mind to some healthy chip options and healthy chip alternatives to help you snack smarter while still being able to satisfy that crunchy chip craving!

1. Bare Veggie Chips

Bare veggie chips, healthy chip alternative, healthy chip option, bag of beet chips

An awesome way to snack smarter and control your chip cravings is to simply swap your leading ingredients for vegetables that pack a nutritional punch!  Bare Veggie Chips offer great healthy alternatives by processing their chips from beets, carrots, or sweet potatoes.  This makes them high in fiber, and they offer 3-4gm of protein per serving.  And yes: they offer a salt & vinegar beet flavour which is my go-to flavour for chips.  


2. Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips

Bag of saffron road lentil chips, healthy chip alternative, healthy chip option

Baked lentil chips - ever heard of them?  If not, I don't blame you since we are bombarded with exposure to junk food.  What makes the Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips such a nutritional smash is that they only have 3gm of fat per serving, are high in fiber and protein, and they also come in some really crunchable flavours as well like cucumber dill.  


3. Popped Water Lily Seeds aka Makhana

3 bags of makhana, water lily seeds, fox nuts, healthy chip alternative, healthy chip option

Not to be confused with water lotus seeds, popped water lily seeds will serve you the crunch the crave along with the iron, calcium, and protein as a low-calorie snack that you can crunch on without any guilt.  Feel like finishing the bag while at the computer?  No problem - and you won't be throwing off your diet either from a crazy crunch craving.  


4. Kibo Gluten-Free Chickpea Chips

Bag of Kibo Chickpea Chips, healthy chip alternative, healthy chip option

With 7gm of plant-based protein and 4hm of fiber per serving, you can't go wrong when you're scarfing down a bag of these.  The Kibo gluten-free chickpea chips are also gluten-free and easily accommodated in a variety of diets.


5. Bake your own Apple Chips

Baked apple chips, healthy chip option, healthy chip alternative

Who said vegetables, seeds, and nuts had the monopoly over chip alternatives?  Delish released a super crunchable recipe that will change how you view fruit and how you can sneak extra fruit into your life while maintaining a balanced diet, as a healthy chip alternative.  

Eating healthier and snacking smarter has never been easier in this day and age.  Why?  Because social media, blogs, and the internet loves food and so do we!  You can get lost browsing Pinterest and Instagram for amazing recipes and ideas; and we encourage it to an extent.  

Share this post and comment below with healthy chip alternatives that you would like to try or feel free to suggest more healthy chip options below!

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